The Recruiting Tent

LAR recruiting sign   If any gentlemen soldiers or others have a mind to serve his Majesty, King George the Third, and pull down the unnatural American rebellion, if any apprentices have severe masters, any children have undutiful parents, if any servants have too little wages, or any husband too much wife, let them step up and meet the recruiting officer.

  Gentlemen, you are free Englishmen. As such, you are perfectly at liberty to belong to other reenacting units while a member of the LAR. Nothing will be said and you will not be cast out into the cold.

  Reenacting serves as a bridge between our time and the 18th century. For most people, history is dead — just names and dates. We don't see it that way. It was a fascinating time filled with fascinating people. You can be one of them. JOIN US!

Relaxing at Stony Point, NY

The LAR enjoys a leisurely lunch at Stony Point, NY

  LAR members DO NOT:

Dress in modern clothes during non-public hours
Play modern "sports" in camp
Litter their kitchen area with modern items
Clean muskets using modern tool boxes in plain view


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