Flushing Fly, 1778

  Some activities of the Loyal American Regiment in the summer of 1778 can be ascertained (somewhat) from the following excerpts taken from the orderly book of the First Battalion of Maryland Loyalists. Nothing very important here — just a sidenote. The spelling and grammar has been corrected for easy reading.

  At the time, the regiment was in and around the area between Huntington and Flushing, Long Island.

Headquarters, August 1st, 1778

Parole: Cavilt
Counter Sign: Boyn

In the Morning.
Headquarters, Hunting[ton], Long Island] -- After Orders, 3 O'Clock.
1 Subaltern, 1 Sergeant and 20 rank and file from [the] Maryland Loyalists to march to redoubts at Loyds Neck tomorrow morning in order to embark on board the Union armed transport as soon as she arrives and relieve a detachment of [the] Loyal American Regiment now on board which is to join its regiment at Flushing Fly.

Headquarters, Flushing Fly, September 12th, 1778

Parole: ---
Counter Sign: ---

Field Officers for Duty tomorrow: Major [Thomas] Barclay [LAR]. Adjutant: Loyal American Regiment.

Camp Flushing Fly, September 13th 1778

Parole: ----
Counter Sign: ----

. . . Guard: Loyal American Regiment. Provost Guard: Roman Catholic Volunteers. Orderly Sergeant: Loyal American Regiment.

The Quarter Master General will find the most conveniant ground near the encampment of the Maryland Loyalists to encamp the Loyal American Regiment in order to their being a nearer compact[?] situation with the other corps, the ground to be shown to the commanding officer of the regiment as soon as possible who will remove and encamp there immediately fronting East.

Headquarters, Flushing Fly, September 26th, 1778

Field Officer for duty tomorrow: Major McDonald [Maryland Loyalists]. Adjutant: 1st Battalion DeLanceys. General Guard: Loyal American Regiment. Guard at Mrs. Grants [a local widow]: 1st Battalion DeLanceys . . .


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