Captain Joshua Barnes' Company

Muster Roll, November 12, 1777

(In green are notes from later muster rolls)

Rank Name Date of Commission/ Enlistment For what reason absent
Captain Joshua Barnes 5 April 1777 Prisoner by Jan. 5, 1779, At New York by March 6, 1779; At Verplancks [Point] by Sept. 7, 1779 - Feb. 25, 1780
Lieutenant William Bailey 6 April 1777
Ensigns Nicholas Purdue Olding Promoted to Col. Robinson’s Co.
John Johnston 10 April 1777 On Picquet
Demoted to Private by Dec. 1777; On Redoubt Jan. 5, 1779; Corporal by Jan.5, 1779; Deserted Oct. 3, 1779
Serjeants Jacob Smith With the Chasseurs
Prisoner by April 1778; With Chasseurs by Sept. 7, 1779
Daniel Shaver (Schriver)
Corporal Michael Kotchum (Ketchum?) With the Chasseurs
Drum Arthur Lamb Deserted Feb. 7, 1780
Privates David Shanes(Shanco) With the Chasseurs
James Ogden With the Chasseurs
Jonathan Ogden With the Chasseurs
Isaac Hunston (Huston, Hughson) Sick on Feb. 25, 1780
Michael Wilcocks Sick in Quarters
Dead Nov. 15, 1777
James Titus With the Chasseurs
Jacob Storm With the Chasseurs
Joseph Mott With the Chasseurs
Abraham Ferguson With the Chasseurs
Joshua Ketchum With the Chasseurs
Townsend Lacey(Lacy) On Furlough Feb. 25, 1780
Peter Scuatt(Scott) With the Chasseurs
John Scott
John Houghaboon(m) With the Chasseurs
Prisoner by April 1778-Feb. 1780
Charles Miller With the Chasseurs
Prisoner by April 1778
John Sheare
Joshua Chambers With the Chasseurs
Prisoner by June 1778-Feb. 1780
Joseph Whitney In the hospital at New York
With Capt. Barnes Feb. 25, 1780
Timothy Scott With the Chasseurs
1777-Feb. 1780

Note: Other LAR companies detached men to Emmerich's Chasseurs as well. However, these companies only contributed a few men (unlike Barnes' company). For example, at the same time as the above muster roll, Capt. Morris Robinson's company detached only one man to Emmerich's Chasseurs, as did Capt. Christopher Hatch's company. Capt. Fowler's company detached two men and Capt. Beverley Robinson's (Jr.) company detached four men. This is quite a difference from Barnes' company, where nearly every man went with Emmerich.


Muster Roll, October 24, 1780 - New York

Rank  Name    Status
Captain Barnes, Joshua    Recruiting
Lieutenant Bailey, William    
Serjeant Morry, John    promoted, 22 Oct.
Corporal Manly, Thomas    "                "
 " Dodg, William     "                "
 Drummer Brown, Ebeneser    sick in Hospital
 Private Huston, George    
  Ogden, Jonathan    
  Morrison, John    
  Vanvlecke, John    
  Vanvlacke, Benjamin    on guard
  Sypher, Abraham    sick in hospital
  Sypher, Christopher    
  Bradley, Caleb    
  Stanley, John    
  Sarles, William    sick in hospital
  Dixon, Louis    
  Fallum, Thomas    
  Martin, Peter    sick in hospital
  Hall, Thomas    "             "
  Scott, John   Wiith Major Barclay
  Houston, Isaac    Regimental Employ
  Turner, Thomas    General Hospital
  Stormes, Jacob    recruiting
  Witney, Joshua   with Captain Barnes
  Barker, Joshua    sick in Hospital
  Sheare, John    prisoner with rebels
  Hoggaboam, John    "              "
  Chambers, Joshua    "                   "
  Neale, Patrick   "               "


Source: National Archives of Canada, "C" series, Vol. 1868.
Transcription by M. Christopher New, May 1999.
Additional muster roll information: courtesy of George Bidlake.


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